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Explore Valencia

Valencia is a unique city, that mixes the historic and modern in a relaxed and liveable space. There is something to do for everyone, like visiting the museums and galleries around the historic centre, strolling along the gardens of the Turia, exploring the spectacular city of Sciences, and taking in the natural park of the Albufera and surrounding beaches. 

Below are some of the highlights that make Valencia the city we love.  If you would like to learn more, visit Valencia's official tourism site at

Valencia Sites

Walking around Valencia is one of our favourite pastimes. The historic centre offers many sites like Cathedral, the Lonja (Silk Exchange), the Towers Serranos and Quarts, and much more.

If you love nature, explore the Turia Gardens by bike or foot, or head to the esplanade of the Malvarrosa beach (accessible by metro).

Make sure you plan time to visit the futuristic buildings (and museums) of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Take time to also enjoy the social life in neighbourhoods like el Carmen and Ruzafa.

The Albufera

Just south of the city, by the seaside, is the Albufera Natural Park. Here you can see Valencia´s connection to the land and sea.

The Albufera is a fresh water lake, surrounded by rice fields, and the huerta Valenciana (vegetable gardens).  If you have time, enjoy a boat ride on the lake.  Click here to learn more.

Just beside the Albufera is the mediterranean beach el Saler, which offers kilometres of natural beaches to walk along, soak in some sun, and take a dip in the Mediterranean.

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine in Valencia is rich in tradition and taste, and is based on the fresh local products. 

Trying Paella is a must when you are visiting. There are many variations of paella, however you may be surprised to know that the truly traditional Paella Valenciana does not contain seafood.  If you are a lover of rice, try some of the other traditional dishes of Arroz al Horno (rice in the oven), and Arroz Caldoso (a brothy rice dish).

Exploring Valencia's markets, like the main Central Market is always a treat, where you can savour all the other local products.

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The Fallas

The Fallas is Valencia´s spectacular annual festival that occurs in March. The festival spans more than 2 weeks, and combines tradition, art, satire, celebrations and many many fireworks.

One of the major features of this festival are the creative, detailed sculptures planted all around the city, all of which are burned on the last night of the festival.

We are fortunate to be located beside the Falla de Convento Jerusalen, which is one of the main Fallas that produce some of the largest sculptures. 
The Fallas are a must see!  Click here to learn more.

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